Who Can Enter?

Current and recently graduated students. Students studying architecture, engineering, and industrial design are encouraged to enter but there is no restriction to the field of study of each student.

Is there a size limit on teams?

There is a limit of 5 members per team. Teams are encouraged to work with members of other disciplines to promote creative and innovative design outcomes.

What sort of screens are expected?

What level of detail is required for phase one?

What wil the screens be judged on?

For Phase One the design will be judged on:

  • The simplicity of design
  • The originality of the design. Is the design innovative?
  • Does the concept for the screen have few or no mechanical parts?
  • Is there an economy of means achieved through innovative thinking? i.e. does it  use resources efficiently and at a reasonably low cost?
  • Is materiality explored?
  • Will it work functionally
  • Can it theoretically do what it  claims to do.
  • Has a small prototype been attempted to test that it works?

For Phase Two the design will be judged on:

  • Has the screen met the functional requirements of the brief. i.e. does it create privacy effectively through the method proposed?
  • Does the materiality of the screen enhance for its function?
  • Does the prototype work reasonably well?
  • Has the design been further refined through prototyping and assembly?
  • Is there room for further refinement and/or enhancement?


What sort of environment are the screens to be designed for?


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