Erwin Hauer

Erwin Hauer, Austrian born sculptor, began, in the 50’s, to explore infinite continuous surfaces. From these, perforated modular structures developed that lent themselves to architectural usage. He continued to develop these patented designs along with the technology to produce them, and installed the modular, light-diffusing walls into buildings throughout the United States and seven other countries.

Jesse Pietilä – Sheer Wall

Finnish designer Jesse Pietilä has created Sheer Wall for his MA thesis project at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Offering a new way to divide space in the era of visual culture, Sheer Wall investigates the possibility of creating ambivalent spatial experiences through the design of a laser-cut aluminum divider.

With the aid of computer generated non-Euclidean geometry, Pietilä has devised a method to build seemingly transparent structures that restrict and guide the movement of light, thus interfering with a passer’s by field of vision.

Rob Ley and Joshua G. Stein – Reef

Reef is a responsive, kinetic installation which investigates the role emerging material technology can play in the sensitive reprogramming of architectural and public space.

Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)  technology offers the possibility of efficient, fluid movement without the mechanised motion of earlier technologies. Operating at a molecular level, this motion parallels that of plants and lower level organisms that are considered responsive but not conscious.


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